Annual Report to Parishioners FY 2016-2017

Fr. EdlefsenA message from Father Edlefsen, Pastor

October 9, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During Bishop Burbidge’s Installation Mass last December 6th, he proclaimed, “As God's servants first, we are to bring the truth and joy of the Gospel into the public arena with conviction and always in love.”  At St. Agnes, we strive to do just that by drawing parishioners and the surrounding community more deeply into parish-life, with a view to encountering Christ in the Catholic Faith and in the Sacraments.  

Once again, as a part of our commitment to communication and stewardship, we are publishing an Annual Report that summarizes our parish’s work in the areas of faith formation, religious education, sacramental preparation, evangelization, outreach and community building.  This includes a financial report for the fiscal year that ran from July 2016 through June 2017. 

I continue to stress the importance of aligning our parish resources with our missionary priorities. These include cultivating a healthy parish community life, supporting outreach and ministries, and investing in needed capital and maintenance projects.  As I’ve mentioned often, actively “casting a wide net” by reaching out to people through parish-wide events is key to the mission of any healthy parish.   For example, our feast and holy day celebrations last year hosted 975 people, many of whom were newcomers and, in some cases, people with no connection otherwise to the Catholic Faith.  We are also intentional about creating a welcoming parish for visitors and new parishioners.  Our Welcome Team hosted and maintains contact with almost 100 people, sharing information on parish-life at St. Agnes and the foundations of our Faith.

Financially, we showed a surplus for 2016-2017.  Collections remained fairly consistent from the prior year, while income from one-time bequests unexpectedly increased.  Overall expenses were similar to the prior fiscal year. Our surplus, which is mainly due to bequests, will be saved for needed capital improvements.    However, budget planning is based on projected offertory giving, as bequests vary from year to year.  

As you review this report, take a few moments to reflect on your level of offertory giving.   Prayerfully consider increasing your support.  Your offertory commitments help us plan for the daily workings of the parish, ministry and sacramental preparation, our excellent St. Agnes School and Religious Education programs, giving to the poor and marginalized, catechesis and missions, community building, and lots of essential behind-the-scenes parish administration, without which I could not fulfill my priestly duties.   They also help us to allocate resources most fruitfully toward the Church’s mission.  I also ask you to consider using our easy and secure online giving program, Faith Direct, at under “Online Giving.”   

I am grateful for all who work tirelessly to support our parish.  It takes many hands and hearts to carry on Christ’s mission until the End of Time.  Thank you for your monetary support as well.  Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

Yours in Christ and His Mother,

Fr. Frederick Edlefsen