Cub Scout Pack 111 Retires Saint Agnes Blessed Palms

Thank You Cub Scouts!
September 13, 2017
Blessed Palms Burning

As Saint Agnes' Cub Scout Pack 111 headed to their first campout this fall, they brought something unusual with them in addition to camping gear: four large boxes of blessed palms.  The palms were the same ones given out this past Easter on Palm Sunday and had been returned recently by Saint Agnes parishioners.  Since the palms were blessed on Palm Sunday, it is best to dispose of them (like all blessed objects) in a respectful way.  The Cub Scouts generously volunteered to help our parish with this task and demonstrated one of the twelve points of the Scout Law by doing so: "A Scout is Reverent". 

On a ledge at Calvert Cliffs State Park, MD the Cub Scouts solemnly surrounded a campfire and burned the palms to properly retire them, similar to what is done to retire an American Flag.  As each scout placed his handful of palms into the fire, he made a silent petition for a loved one, for the victims of the recent hurricanes, or for someone who is sick or in need help.  And, as the palms burned, the scouts and leaders joined together in praying an “Our Father,” a “Hail Mary” and a “Glory Be.”  

Thank you, Cub Scouts, for your service to God, our country, and to our parish.