Lost and Found

Finding St. Anthony

This week, on June 13, the Church celebrates the feast of St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231), and if all you know about him is to ask his aid in finding lost things, then FORMED has three programs for you: 1) Finding St. Anthony, 2) Saint Anthony, and 3) St. Anthony of Padua.  The first two are better suited to adults and the last is for young people.

You’ll learn that, early in his life, this finder of lost things had difficulty finding what he wanted.  At the age of fifteen, he entered the Augustinians, planning to devote himself to Scripture study and a life of prayer.  But a few years later, inspired by the example of Franciscan missionaries murdered trying to convert Muslims in Morocco, Anthony became a Franciscan in the hope that he too could preach in Morocco and die for the faith.  He never found the martyrdom he was seeking, but in Italy he found the path he was to take for the rest of his life: that of a preacher.  And what a preacher he was. 

Finding St. Anthony consists primarily of interviews with modern-day scholars of St. Anthony and provides a good documentary-style introduction to his work and life.  The second program, Saint Anthony, is a feature length drama on his life.  The film was made in Italy and beautifully tells the story of a holy and humble man who was so beloved in his lifetime – he was canonized within a year after his death – and remains so popular to this day. But why is he considered the saint to pray to to find what is lost?  Neither Finding St. Anthony nor Saint Anthony tells you. To learn that you’ll have to go to St. Anthony of Padua, the one for youngsters.