Reaching Out to Share the Beauty of our Faith

Saint Agnes’ New Website
April 16, 2017
Web Page

If you're reading this, you've probably aready figured out the good news:  Saint Agnes has a new website!

We're trying our best to reach out to our world to share the joy of our Faith, and to do that, we needed a website that was up to the task.  So, we formed a Website Committee to figure out how best to make Saint Agnes' home on the internet more accessible, inviting, and useful to all.  Based on their recommendations, we constucted a site structure, found and wrote content, and enlisted to design and host the site you're now reading. What we've come up with is a new electronic home for our Parish that is hopefully easy to use, content rich, and engaging.  Enjoy!

Where to start?  Perhaps with some of our Sacraments pages, or check out our ministries, or sign up for our free FORMED account!

Special thanks to the following personnel who generously gave their time to make this site possible: 

The Saint Agnes Website Committee:

  • Shelly Marstall
  • Ryan Ferrera 

Saint Agnes Staff:

  • Marty Lerner
  • Meg McKnight Staff:

  • Joel Stein
  • Carson Weber
  • Maria Jansen