Self-Help, Catholic Style

Self Help Catholic Style

Anyone who has read her books or seen or heard Teresa Tomeo on EWTN knows she is an articulate and formidable defender of the Catholic faith.  She is also candid, as is very clear in a book she has written that is available on FORMED: Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed, Not Conformed to the Culture.  Tomeo writes that for a long period in her life she was more a child of her times than of the Church.  She had a successful career in the secular media and adhered to virtually all its beliefs.  But eventually, after years of listening to radical feminists and secular journalists, she realized that their message was fundamentally flawed and the Church was right. Her book is a fact-filled and powerful indictment of the cultural changes that have gotten us where we are today, most especially the sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement.  Their advocates promised the changes would free and dignify women, but Tomeo now knows better and demonstrates in great detail the damage they have done to women and the rest of society.  She also makes clear that women seeking true freedom and dignity can find them where they have been for centuries, in the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Extreme Makeover is available as an audiobook on FORMED, read by Tomeo.  It’s long, over five hours, but she knows how to hold an audience.

FORMED also has life guidance for men, and from another EWTN stalwart: Father Larry Richards.  If Tomeo is candid in a civilized and refined way, Father Richards is candid in an in-your-face way.  Look how he begins Be a Man: Becoming the Man God Created You To Be, his advice book on FORMED:     

You are going to die! Nice way to start a book, huh? I know, but I want you to let this thought sink in: You are going to die. This is the truest reality there is. This is what makes us all the same. It doesn’t matter how rich we are, or how popular we are, or how powerful we are: we are all going to “kick the bucket” one day.  

Besides being a good and easy read, Be a Man is really the ultimate self-help book. Do what Father Richards says and you’ll be the person God created you to be. What’s more, you’ll have a happy ending after you kick the bucket.   And it’s yours for free on FORMED.