Thank you to all who supported the Lenten Food Drive!

Girl Scouts   St Agnes Thank You


Thanks to all who contributed to the Saint Agnes Lenten Food Drive -- the total from this fundraiser was $6,107


The team in Madison County is so appreciative:  “The generosity of St. Agnes and the Girl Scouts is astounding! Your generosity enables MESA and Our Lady of the Blue Ridge Outreach to continue serving those who are hurting the most in our community. For many, the struggle for food and necessary items is a normal part of life, but with the pandemic that has affected everyone, that number is growing. People who never thought they would need a hand out or be unable to support their family are suddenly without work and without options. But with your support we are able to serve them and all those in need in our area. Thank you so much, you are all in our prayers and no words can fully express how grateful we are for your generosity and support."


Please read this personalized note of thanks from Madison County to our parishioners who contributed to this food drive!


Finally, thanks to the Girls Scouts for organizing this Lenten Food Drive!