Restoring Our Legacy: A Shining City on a Hill

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FALL 2019 UPDATE -- Restoring Our Legacy: A Shining City on a Hill

Thank you once again for your continued support of The Campaign for St. Agnes!

We are pleased to report that we have hired Whitener & Jackson General Contractors to provide pre-construction services for the Master Plan, including project cost estimation, design feasibility analysis and refinement, and project staging and coordination planning.  Following the interview process for prospective construction firms, Whitener & Jackson received unanimous support from the St. Agnes committee conducting the reviews.  They are family-owned with over 72 years in service and come to us with the highest recommendations.  Whitener & Jackson handled All Saints Parish in Manassas, Oakcrest School and Chapel in Vienna and The Langley School in McLean, to name a few. 

St. Agnes is well positioned to move forward having over $5 Million committed to the Master Plan following an aggressive and successful capital campaign last fall/winter.  Thank you once again to the parishioners who pledged their support to this important effort!  As a reminder, the second Sunday of the month is St. Agnes Pledge Redemption Sunday, which is September 15 this month.  Please consider dropping your pledged gift in the offertory then.  

Master Plan Process Developments and Next Steps

Additional developments since the beginning of 2019 in the Master Planning process include:

▪ Meeting with the Diocesan Planning Commission about the St. Agnes Master Plan and financial model for Master Plan projects and approval by the Building Commission of the next steps in the process.

▪ Approval by Bishop Burbidge for the next phase of design and engineering services with our architectural and planning firm, Michael Winstanley Planners and Architects.

▪ Master Planning Committee meetings with Winstanley and Whitener Jackson representatives to refine the schematic designs for the church and school projects.

The Master Planning Committee plans the following next steps during 2019 and beyond:

▪ Fall 2019: The Master Planning Committee will be giving way to a Building Committee to continue steering the project forward.

▪ Fall 2019: Ongoing consultations with Winstanley and Whitener Jackson to finalize designs for church and school projects.

▪ Fall/Winter 2019/20: Advance design/development work on final designs, in conjunction with Winstanley and Whitener Jackson and the Diocese; work on zoning and permitting.

▪ Winter/Spring 2020: Work with the Diocese and Winstanley and Whitener Jackson to finalize construction plans.  Continue work on zoning, permitting, materials procurement, and other preparations.

▪ Spring/Summer 2020: Target for initial phases of project implementation.

Given the amount of ongoing work to be done and the numerous variables that go into design, engineering, construction planning and coordination, permitting, and materials procurement, it is premature to predict with certainty when construction will begin or how the projects will be staged.  The Building Committee expects to make steady progress through this timeline and will provide further updates.

Visit for full details of the plan.  Call the Parish Office at 703-525-1166 with any questions. 


For a list of donors, as of June 3, 2019, click here.

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