FORMED: An Excellent Way to Learn Our Faith

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Looking for a quick and entertaining way
to learn more about our Catholic Faith?

You're in luck! Saint Agnes has invested in, which is essentially Catholic Netflix and more. You'll find a ton of excellent, informative, high-production-value resources to learn about your faith today!

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Simply click the FORMED button above or this link, and you're on your way.  All you'll need is an email address to serve as your login name.  Signing up takes mere seconds. (In case of link malfunction, our parish code is f1a3f2)

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January 2, 2019

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What Else Will I Find There?

A visit to FORMED is like a visit to the media zoo: All sorts of wonderful things in various shapes and sizes await you:  There are short videos, full length feature filmsBible Studies, books, podcasts, lecture series, music, and more...  all free!

What's on Tap?  What Do You Recommend and Where Should I Start?

Good question! It's a little overwhelming at first, isn't it?  We'd recommend the following as a good place to begin:

  1. CATHOLICISM by Bishop Robert Barron.  (Found under the "Exploring the Catholic Faith" heading.) Number one with a bullet.  Each of these 10 gorgeous videos has something for both your heart and your head, and you're sure to finish knowing and loving God and our faith more than before you started.
  2. Forgiven and Beloved (Found under the "Sacramental Preparation" heading.)  Forgiven is a fantastic series on Confession and Reconciliation which will restore your Faith in God's mercy and lead to a deeper appreciation of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Beloved is ideal for married couples young and old, and especially for those preparing for marriage.  Learn more about making your marriage a Sacrament of God's love.
  3. Any of the Dr. Scott Hahn Apologetics audio recordings.  Dr. Hahn is brilliant and beloved in Catholic Scripture circles.  Not to be missed.
  4. Because God Is Real by Dr. Peter Kreeft (Found in the Books Section.)  Dr. Kreeft has the uncanny ability to describe our faith in a down-to-earth way which is both clear and beautiful.


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The Saint Agnes Code is f1a3f2.

Found on FORMED: Bishop Barron's CATHOLICISM Series

Bishop Barron's "CATHOLICISM" Trailer

Found on FORMED: The BELOVED series on Marriage

Beloved // Promo

Compare Prices: Dr. Peter Kreeft's "Because God is Real". $11.99 on Amazon, Free on FORMED

Kreeft God Is Real