Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign: Restoring Our Legacy

Thank you once again for your continued support of The Campaign for St. Agnes!

Pledge Redemption and Ways to Give

Thank you to every parishioner who generously made a commitment to the campaign. Please see below the status:

  • Project Cost: $9,000,000.00
  • Total Amount Pledged: $6,781,610.70
  • Total Amount Paid: $5,656,166.63
  • Remaining Pledged Balance: $1,125,444.07
  • Amount Needed to Complete the Project: $3,343,833.37 (Borrowed from the Diocese and must be repaid.)
  • Total Number of Pledges: 680
    (only about 52% of parishioners)

Our goal is to reach 100% of capital campaign supporters having made a pledge payment.   If you have not yet made your first pledge payment, please consider doing so now.   In other words, redeeming your pledge commitments will help ensure the success of this project.  Also, with a large portion of work expected in 2022, having pledge payments on hand will lessen our financing needs. Therefore to start your pledge now, you can donate through FaithDirect, through stock donation*, or fill out the form below which can be returned by email to [email protected] or to the Parish Office.

To help pay for our Diocesan loan, we have started a Debt Reduction program for the Capital Campaign to which you can contribute with your offertory envelopes or through FaithDirect.

*If pledging through a stock donation, be sure to include in the memo/designation that it is for Saint Agnes Church- Capital Campaign. If that is not included, we will not be able to receive that donation. Lastly, any questions or concerns can be sent to [email protected].

Check the pictures below!

St. Agnes Statue was installed outside August 29th.

Previous Pictures from the Church Construction

Sunday, April 3rd, Father Saunders placed the prayer intentions and notes in the new altar.

The Master Plan Highlights


  • Welcoming central entrance and gathering area on the Randolph Street side.
  • Glass between vestibule and nave to allow visibility into interior church.
  • Vestibule improvements will also allow natural light into church interior.
  • Improved lighting and sound and new or refurbished pews and kneelers (COMPLETED).
  • Updated and accessible restrooms.
  • Modernized basement with improved meeting space and elevator accessibility.


  • Convent renovated to serve as a center for the school. Furthermore, the Center will include a modern library and technology resource room and flexible meeting spaces for school and community use.
  • Library renovation to add classroom, restroom, and resource program capability, including a dedicated music room (COMPLETED).
  • Gym improvements to include improved lighting (COMPLETED) and flooring.
  • Restructured Pre-K program area spaces to add capacity (COMPLETED)
  • Reliable and energy efficient HVAC system (COMPLETED)

Project Milestones Since January 2019

  • Met with the Diocesan Planning Commission about the St. Agnes Master Plan and received approval by the Commission of the next steps.
  • Received approval from Bishop Burbidge for the next phase of design and engineering services with our architectural firm.
  • Interviewed prospective construction firms over the summer.
  • Master Planning Committee gave way to a Building Committee to steer the project forward.
  • Worked with architect to select finishes and other details for more accurate final project costing.
  • Tested project areas for hazardous materials as well as structural testing of convent to anticipate complications that may arise.
  • Ongoing meeting of Capital Campaign Continuation Committee to oversee pledge redemption process in order to maximize redemption rate of pledges. 
  • Winter 2020/21: Ongoing consultations to refine design for church and school projects.
  • Winter 2020/21: Advance design/development work on final designs; work on zoning /permits.
  • Winter 2020/21: Meeting with Chief Diocesan Finance Officer to finalize 10-year financial model and necessary loan amount and payment schedules based upon finalized construction costs as well as St Agnes financial ability to carry debt.
  • Winter/Spring 2021: Work with the Diocese in order to hire contractor and finalize construction plans.  Continue to work on zoning, permitting materials procurement and other preparations.
  • Spring/Summer 2021: Target for project implementation and groundbreaking. 
Winter 2020 rendering of the front of the Church

December 2020 Town Hall Meeting

Watch a video recording of our December 2 Town Hall Meeting.


Father Saunders is gathering inputs from parishioners on the path and scope of this construction project. (Please watch the video below from the Sept. 10th Parish Meeting for more information.)

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions regarding the capital campaign / construction project, please email [email protected]

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