First Confession and First Communion at Saint Agnes

Sacramental Steps: Milestones in the Life of God’s Grace

Just as in our day-to-day life there are milestones which mark our growth toward adulthood, God has given us Sacraments as milestones and helps to nourish us and encourage us throughout our life on earth and to prepare us to receive greater joy in heaven our homeland.

Sacraments are physical, visible signs of God’s invisible grace and love.  They’re symbolic actions and objects which actually make real what they signify.  For example, Baptism is a real washing with real water, but it’s also a cleansing of our soul which redeems us from sin and makes us partakers of God’s own life.  

God gives us different Sacraments to help us know Him and His redemptive love for us throughout our lives, from the beginning in Baptism to the end with Anointing of the Sick.  

We want to help you and your children to celebrate these Sacraments as fully and fruitfully as possible.  Thus we’ve prepared Sacramental Preparation programs for several of the major milestones after Baptism:  First Confession (sometimes called Reconciliation or Penance), First Holy Communion (Holy Eucharist), and Confirmation.

If you have any questions or concerns about our programs or need to submit forms found on the left, please don’t hesitate to contact our Religious Education Office via email at [email protected] or by phone at 703-525-1166.

Sacramental Program Details:

First Confession and First Holy Communion

Typically, First Confession and First Holy Communion are celebrated when children reach their 2nd grade year.  Children who are candidates to receive the Sacraments of Confession or Holy Communion are usually required to spend at least two years of preparation in our CCD or Saint Agnes School religious education programs.  Parents can enroll their children in the Saint Agnes Religious Education program by filling out the necessary registration forms on the left column of this page and emailing them to the Religious Education office.  Families who choose to homeschool should contact the Religious Education office to enquire about receiving First Confession and First Holy Communion with their CCD or School peers.

  1. First Confession always preceeds reception of First Holy Communion, as St. Paul reminds us in his letter to the Corinthians that we should make sure to receive the Eucharist only if we are right before God.  Since Confession is the Sacrament which makes us right before God, it comes before First Communion.  First Confessions at Saint Agnes are typically celebrated in the late winter or early spring months.
  2. First Holy Communion is typically celebrated in the spring of each year, after First Confessions.  Our program of formation aims to ensure that the children appreciate (as much as possible) who they truly receive in the Eucharist: Jesus Christ.

The Sacramental Preparation Packet and other relevant documents can be found in the column on the left.

Want to Learn More About Confession, Communion, and Confirmation to Better Help Your Kids Prepare?

Check out our Parish’s free subscription to  The FORGIVEN series and the CATHOLICISM series are a great place to start.

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